The worlds 1st full body haptics suit that lets you feel VR

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Looks neat, but kinda odd to use the name TeslaSuit, no? Not that Elon Musk et al have inclusive rights over Nikola Tesla's name, but still with such a strong pre-existing Tesla brand it feels a bit off to me...
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Costs $1500 and I'm already unsure about how VR will grow. Will it just be a novelty thing? hm, maybe I think the VR space will be underwhelming for a while. I feel that people will still go for the path of least resistance (e.g. not having to put on an outfit, headset, etc) Can't wait to see what happens if I'm wrong though :)
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@bentossell Nothing to worry here. Teslasuit is actually a very complex device that is essentially a wearable computer. It comes with its own operating system, own apps, add-on modules and an SDK to integrate to any existing app or game. It has extended connectivity to various devices, it lasts for days (without climate control on), it is washable and last but not least - stylish to wear. In the future we also plan to release a sub-$750 version. The nearest competitor with a like-for-like tech would set you back a mere $10000+
The future of #VR has just arrived! New Teslasuit website https://teslasuit.io Looking for game developers. Getting ready for new Kickstarter campaign!
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@dybskydenis What made you decide to cancel the kickstarter?
I can't believe there isn't one reference to "Ready Player One" in this thread!
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The @TeslaSuit looks like it's straight out of a Sci-Fi movie. Promising to see these concepts closer and closer to reality... The worlds 1st full body haptics suit that lets you feel Virtual Reality seems like something that would be working this decade. Curious what @cdixon things about the TeslaSuit.
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@nivo0o0 Awesome looks like a Tron Suit! Finally I can join the grid. 😏