A companion app for Teslas that helps you drive better.

Hey guys, I wanted to share with you a new app we've been building to help you understand your Tesla better, how to improve your driving habits and see how you stack up against other drivers in the community. I've included link to the review of the app that goes into more details. We are currently in beta while we scale up the system.
What are the 3 most useful statistics that you can get from this app that you can't get with the built-in vehicle display?
@joshuapinter You can get overall trip efficiency, gas money saved, and specific supercharging data.
@joshuapinter there's tons that the car doesn't show. Phantom drain, battery loss broken down by driving style, and detailed supercharger charge projections are probably the things I find the most useful. Phantom drain is battery range lost while not in the car. It's largely related to keeping the battery in operating range, and most people think that temperature is the major driver, but wind speed is just as important. Trip efficiency isn't really even tracked in the car, other that the last 5, 15, 30 miles but you can't really relate it to speed, elevation or temperature. And the super charger estimation is really cool, which will project out how many miles you will add in 10 minute intervals. The car only shows you instantaneous miles added per hour, but depending upon how full your battery is, or how warm/cold it is, the rate of charge added changes grows or decays dramatically, none of which is exposed by the car dash or official app.
@wschenk Sounds like you guys have added a tonne of additional value and the design is super slick. Great work. I Elon should ring you up and make an acquisition. ;)