Tesla Summon

Autonomously park & summon Tesla from phone, outside car.

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@katesegrinย ยท Community @ Product Hunt
*wistful sigh* I can hardly wait until I can afford to get a Tesla. I just finished re-reading Elon's biography and I'm just so obsessed with Tesla as a company and the mission behind it. Also, who can resist summoning your car- it's easier than getting your dog to "come!", not to mention the cool, futuristic factor of it.
@seanbolakย ยท Full Stack Dev
Why isn't this the top hunt?
Drew Falkman
@falkonprodsย ยท CTO, Evrybit
Obviously Musk wanted KITT as a child.
Enrico Foschi
@enricofoschiย ยท CTO @ 4scotty, mentor @ Geekettes, maker
Tesla keeps pushing the boundaries where others are afraid to. Other car companies can clearly develop a similar software, but the fear of consumers' misuse is stopping them from pushing progress forward. It's all about risk mitigation. Tesla is well known to be bolder than others and to be able to handle bad publicity like a few other car companies can, buโ€ฆย See more
Jaime Macias
@jmaciasย ยท Product @boost.
How many hunts will this product have without a new model even needing to be released. Super impressive.