Comments on “Tesla Model 3
Martin Skakala@mskakala · Founder & CEO
SPECS: Autopilot Hardware incl. Supercharging 0-60 in under 6 seconds 215mil/ 338km+ range Sits 5 adults Deliveries in 2017 $35,000USD +130k pre-orders in 24 hours
Kevin Gimbel@_kevinatari · Developer & SHCP at Synoa GmbH
@mskakala "only" $35,000? That's surprisingly cheap for a Tesla or am I missing something here?
Seth Louey@sethlouey · 🙌 2016 PH Maker of the Year Nominee
@_kevinatari @mskakala You should watch the announcement. Tesla explains why.
Martin Skakala@mskakala · Founder & CEO
@_kevinatari you should see the presentation; the base model includes this (base version). Additional features & options are extra (additional range, wheels, sport version, etc.)
Philippe Dame@pdame · COO, Ramius Corporation
@mskakala "Autopilot hardware" is included, not all of Autopilot. Yes, the safety features are enabled for free but we'll probably have to pay $3K for the full self-driving and self-parking experience. I've ordered mine!
Martin Skakala@mskakala · Founder & CEO
@pdame thanks Philippe, made a correction. Same here, ordered 2x.
Bjørn Furuknap@bjorn_furuknap
@_kevinatari @mskakala Average order price with options is around US$42, with 232K orders as of now. As in >US$9bn in a day or two. Source:
Suresh Kumar G@thesureshg · Internet Marketer
@mskakala Hopefully, the pre-orders might cross 300K by this weekend. it's already 230k+