Sustainable phone with a 4-year warranty

Teracube is the only smartphone you'll ever need for the next 4 years and beyond.
Better for your pocket, better for the planet.
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Why won't I just buy a flagship phone and use it for 4 years!! Latest smartphones technologies don't wear out as much as the previous ones!
What's "sustainable" about this product? What materials are used in its production? How are materials sourced? Where's it manufactured? Or is this just one of the many products using "sustainability" as a marketing buzzword?
The only thing that makes this “sustainable“ is the fact that it’s supposed to last you 4 years compared to 1 or 2 years that an average smartphone would last. In my opinion though, you can buy a flagship today and use it for the next four years without an issue, provided it doesn’t break. The 4 year warranty does not cover everything, and they do mention that they charge “reasonable” fees to fix accidental damage. I bet that those reasonable fees wouldn’t be much cheaper than what you’d pay to repair a typical smartphone. So really don’t see any reason to buy this over a standard phone.
Looks and sounds impressive. The success of launch will definitely depend on the features and their marketing. But, the real success would depend on the after sale service especially when that is being highlighted in the launch video. All the best for the launch!