Help teams apply machine learning to real-world applications

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Hello friends, I'm Mohsen, founder at Good AI Lab. Our team built TensorPort to give every researcher access to world class artificial intelligence infrastructure. Thanks @ediggs for hunting us! I have been doing machine learning for the past 10 years. Although fascinated by AI, it was not always easy to execute ideas. Even at Google[x] we spent the majority of our time preparing infrastructure and tracking experiments (not very productive). We think artificial intelligence researchers can go 10x faster if they don't have to deal with these challenges. We originally built TensorPort for our own use but soon realized it could be a good resource for fellow AI teams. Please let us know if you have any suggestions, feedback or questions, cheers.
TensorPort is part of Good AI - Good AI Lab helps teams cross the adoption chasm for artificial intelligence and implement Good AI Practice for massive data problems. They develop the tools researchers need for the next machine learning breakthrough. TensorPort is a distributed machine learning platform that will help teams apply machine learning to real-world applications.
This is fantastic and should rank higher - Great way to democratize the use of ML + and give access to developers and companies with limited resources. +1!
I love the UI and colors
is this pretty much an alternative to floydhub?
@gopietz Yes, it can be an alternative to FloydHub. However, with TensorPort we focused more on scale and collaboration. Distributed TensorFlow on massive datasets works flawlessly on TensorPort. Let us know what you think, join us on slack.tensorport.com
@mhejrati thanks for the clarification. my "pretty much" made it sound so meaningless, when i think about it. it wasnt meant like that :) all the best.