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Hey all! Hope you like the new range. You may also appreciate our ridiculous '80s VHS infomercial that goes alongside the release:
@marty the video was beyond. I'd love to hear more about what it took to put this together.
Loving the video!
@callyrussell That video is done so well. UpVote worthy.
@callyrussell Cheers Cally!
@callyrussell @irvingtorresyc thanks Irving! 👊
@callyrussell that video is for real! some serious production went into it. Pretty awesome!
The 2015 release of the widely successful 2014 indiegogo campaign. They now bring their "instagram-esque lens" to 6 new frame styles.
@grantmac_ cheers big man! 👊
Sweet. Huge fan of my pair from last year. Did a quick review if someone wants an owners take on last years model: http://oscr.se/blog/tens-sunglas...
@oscrse Hey Oscar, thanks so much for putting the review together - I'd never seen this before! It's fantastic.
Cool glasses, fair price. Best of luck with it!
@10to8ltd thanks so much!