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Generic conferencing apps connect people remotely, but aren't optimized for productivity. Tendii gives project managers a lightweight workspace one click away from their calendar:
🧭 Manage time with smart agendas
📋 Document and share outcomes
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Hey there! Everyone's using apps like Zoom to work remotely and meet with their teams, but for me the general features weren't cutting it to run productive meetings. To help fill that gap, I built Tendii. The best meetings are when things not only get done during the meeting, but after as well. As an organizer, you can use Tendii to create an agenda ahead of time, share it with teammates, and then use the workspace to follow the agenda and document outcomes. From there, Tendii makes it easy to share assets with anyone and quickly reference them in later meetings. Having this type of central repository for meeting documentation is great if you run recurring team meetings, standups, product demos, client presentations, and more. You can sign up for free, I'd love any feedback on the app and how it fits into your workflow :)
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Does this have any integration capabilities?
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@vonstadenanastacia2 Hi! Yes, basic accounts can have Google sign-in and connect to your Google calendar. Team accounts can integrate meeting documentation with apps like Slack, Trello, Jira, Confluence, Asana, GitHub, and Saslesforce.
How do I integrate it?
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@davorenjill2 Hi Davoren. Most of the integrations are enabled with a team account. You can use the Settings tab to set up the integrations.
Very useful, thanks!
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I love the meeting UX here. Eliminating multiple tools at the same time - note taking app, assigning/IM and video - all in one. Feels light. Haven't tried yet, but I'm guessing this will be great for structured discussions. Q: Have you thought about using AI for note taking and actions?