Generate boilerplate code using custom templates 🛠

Speed up your next dev project by using own template.

1. Create a template with {{squiggle}} braces.

2. Upload to GitHub Gist.

3. Fill with custom variables and download.

This project is open source. Hope you enjoy!

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Every time I start a small project, the initial setup always takes longer than I expect because of how long I spend on creating basic files... 🤔 "There has got to be a better way!" ~ My thoughts. I wanted something simple where I can upload a group of my files and use them as a template for creating the rest of my codebase. I knew GitHub Gist was a great place for uploading small snippets of code. I also knew that there were a million and one templating engines. 🛠So why not combine GitHub Gists and a simple templating engine? And so Templato was born! - Completely open source: [https://github.com/jackrobertsco... - Create your own templates on GitHub Gist - Handles folders of code so you can build a full file structure - Use multiple different Gists to create your code Please share any feedback or ideas you might have ❤️ Thanks and I hope you enjoy!
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