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RealtimeBoard is proud to announce a new collection of 50+ templates specifically built to help Product teams communicate and share ideas, flows and product stories to drive alignment and deliver against roadmaps faster.

  • Matthias Brendler
    Matthias BrendlerVisual Design Practice Lead at Tad.

    Intuitive UI + resources facilitate onboarding, @mentions + taggable objects accelerating asynchronous + remote collaboration.


    Lacking Bluescape features like: draggable video import and full webpage display

    I am an early adopter of RTB and have utilized or implemented RTB (for years) at several of the companies, clients and schools (k-12 + university). I am the RTB evangelist here at Tad. (Technology Architecture Design) as well as in the MFA Communication Design program at Pratt where I teach Transformation Design.

    Matthias Brendler has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Collaborative. Beautiful professional drawings in minutes. Great for drawing and editing diagrams.


    Takes some effort to learn how to use but 100% worth it

    Excellent replacement for Visio or on a mac. Team collaboration useful for large projects and sharing across internal and external teams.

    Sarah Nagata has used this product for one year.
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Anna Boyarkina
Anna BoyarkinaMakerHiring@annaboyarkina · Head of Product at RealtimeBoard
Hey, Product Hunters! Never spend hours building a template for a team meeting again. Today, we’re excited to announce that RealtimeBoard has relaunched 50+ templates to make your meetings, workshops, and brainstorms more efficient. We’ve created a library of visual templates designed for easy collaboration with product, design, UX research, IT, development, or engineering teams. With our new templates collection, you’ll save hours on meeting prep and setup, so you can focus on getting results. RealtimeBoard’s Templates will help you: - Create and share customizable templates to quickly align an entire team - Utilize popular frameworks like design thinking, Agile, etc. more efficiently - Deliver high-quality visual concepts beautifully - Work faster as a distributed team To get started, check out the Templates library today.
LekanB@lekanb · Founder @
RTB is one of the best productivity apps to come along in the last few years. Hands down! It's intuitive, there a tons of uses and the team keeps making it better. I've used the old templates and these new ones are even better. The use cases are endless. The infinite canvas is great. But don't forget you can collaborate live on the white board and video at the same time. If you are a product team; this feels like an indispensable tool!
Anna Boyarkina
Anna BoyarkinaMakerHiring@annaboyarkina · Head of Product at RealtimeBoard
Hi, @lekanb! Thank you for sharing your experience! Keep rocking with RealtimeBoard :-)
RealtimeBoard es simplemente fantástico, actualmente lo uso para la gestión de proyectos en la empresa y también en el aula con mis estudiantes los cuales también están encantados con esta herramienta. La curva de aprendizaje es muy fácil y rápida, además he creado mis propias plantillas y he traducido algunas al español. Gracias por existir #RealtimeBoard