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📺 Teletext is an information system for TVs where you can browse around by using indices/numbers. In the pre-web days this was a super fast way to look up 📰 news, 🌦 weather and other information (see This is a Facebook Messenger bot 🤖 that gives access to Teletext from ORF (an Austrian TV station). Nice example of how an old medium can be 'upgraded' by transferring it onto a messenger platform.
@__tosh thx for hunting this super awesome retro bot =)
What are your thoughts on Facebook Messenger and its features (burger menu, inline options) and API compared to other platforms?
@__tosh Personally i don't use it because i barely know people who use Facebook, not to mention that i don't have it myself. IMO the API is not bad, not as clean and polished as Telegram tho. I dont know what the burger menu is, but the inline options are something i also really enjoyed with Telegram (who make them also a little more flexible afaik) Btw, cool project. I was surprised to find a ORF logo on PH ;)
@__tosh IMO In Facebook Messenger the payload handling is easier because you can set an JSON String as payload with more properties then just the button text like in Kik & Telegram. You need less state handling with JSON payloads.
ORF Teletext Bot for Facebook Messenger is a very handy solution!
Are there other Teletexts that could be hooked up to Facebook Messenger?
@__tosh yes you can hook up the other 3 ORF teletexts: But its not on the roadmap at the moment.
@phips28 what about BBC, ARD etc etc?
@__tosh BBC Teletext (Ceefax) ended on 23 October 2012 and ARD ( Teletext is not yet compatible with the current implementation but will be in the future. ;)
@__tosh I know Teletext in the UK shutdown all but it's holday service, but I wonder if a bot like this would be enough to justify a relaunch, or of the German service could be translated.
Super vintage! Love it!