Teleport Sundial 2.0

Your remote team's locations, time zones and availability

#4 Product of the DayJanuary 22, 2016
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The main piece of recurring feedback we got from regular users of early Sundial that you want to set your actual availability or "office hours". In a remote team, especially if people are in drastically different time zones, arranging meetings is a real pain because you never know when people have their prearranged weekly/monthly activities. For some a 10pm call is a nuisance, for another person the preferred time after dinner & when the kids are in bed. So, we built an "edit your availability" feature where you can make you intended working hours for each weekday visible to the team - this provides another layer of instant coordination and prevents any confusion of scheduling questions. Secondly, by popular demand (and we hope, some healthy envy of the real time page :)) team maps are now embeddable to your own site for anyone. This is a great way for teams who use Sundial to showcase how distributed their people really are to their users/clients/friends and family. The live map provides a pretty nifty visual to. As an early adopted, a shout out to @GitLab - they have already embedded their Sundial map on their about page: The real time map updates work in sync with our Teleport Cities mobile app ( -- if you have that installed and enabled location tracking, Sundial will also know your location for the team map. To preserve privacy, we position people on city, rather than address level. We also tweaked the general design of Sundial little to make it look nicer - always important. And can't wait to hear for your feedback on what to build next!
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Coolio! Until now my team was all on Sundial but it was mainly for fun to check the timezone differences. Being able to express how much of a morning person you are or that you have a boxing class every Wed at 2pm makes it really useful on a weekly basis :) I look forward to the rest of the team updating their sundial to schedule the next meeting easily!
@madavvero thanks, and please do let us know if this update truly made Sundial an everyday tool for you, our is something critical still missing.
@seikatsu thanks - appreciate how much you are social-media-approachable, will certainly reach out if I think of something! :)
@madavvero thanks, and anytime :) (....when Twitter is not down as it seems to be right now...)
Thanks for this! Definitely comes in handy when your team is spread across the globe :)
Sten, Super cool, simple UI/UX. You might consider integrating Google Hangouts or Skype API to instantly do video chat. There are some great WebRTC video capabilities out there (@peer5) and conferencing generally (@uberconference). Seems like the next logical step in the product pipeline... thoughts?
Thanks, @rossblankenship! We have contemplated how far should we take this as far as actually making conversations happen. Our core business is "app based location", e.g. using data to tell you where should you be, hence the integration with Teleport Flock for physical meet up planning. Call setup is a virtual variation of that, in a way, but with a fair share of our team being ex-Skype we know how hard it is to get conferencing right, so have not planned to venture too far down that route... But listening to users as always, of course.
This is awesome, reminds me of a product @djfarrelly built for the Buffer team. I think a Slack integration would be usefule so you could just type /teleport @ team mate and see their timezone 🚀 //EDIT// Just saw that this product I described already exists
@david_diam we actually have built one experimental Slack integration, for Teleport Flock (, a sister product for Sundial that helps you decide where in the world to bring your distributed team physically together. This is how to make it work, if you'd like to play around:
@david_diam Nice one with the find!