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Teleport City Profiles help you discover your best place to live and work based on how well the salary, jobs & life quality data in 110+ most creative cities in the world match to your personal preferences. And once you know where you should be - Teleport Scouts help you get there. This a major milestone for @TeleportInc, as we are basically rolling out our global search functionality from the mobile app we released in the spring (see: to now also available in your browser. We've heard from many users that they'd like to take some time to research their options on a bigger screen, so hope this will help. If you’re a user of the mobile app (thank you!), you already have your preferences stored and can start searching on the web right away. If not, you can create a new account and pick your key preferences in the new web app. We're also seeing other Makers like and embedding our city data (or just linking to these pages) from their respective apps, which is also much more fit for the web. Would like to hear from other Makers here if you'd like to do that - we will be adding more tools to too Look forward to hearing what you all think!
I guess I'm going to Singapore from NYC!
@mr_davis Let me know how it is, I got the same suggestion ;)
“I’m just going to have a look at this real quick.” 5 Minutes later: “Oh, this is quite fascinating.” Half an hour later: Still madly manipulating preferences, trying to get a specific city to match, surprised at some of the results and yelling at my wife, “Hey, this says we should move to Vancouver!” This. Is. Awesome.
@thegrumpygirl thanks - love this comment! :) exactly what we dream you do.
I love this! Getting ready to move to Bogota for some time and then travel throughout South America and the rest of the World. Great job!
@alanaut24 thanks, Alan! Would live to hear of anything you're missing in your Bogota planning that we could add.