Monthly subscription flights between SF and LA

Teleport is monthly subscription service offering flights @ $105 one-way. Go from parking to take off in 30 minutes with our exclusive security lanes. No lines. No advanced booking. No hassle.

Frank Z. Cui
Marc Martin
Charles Greenman
  • Charles Greenman
    Charles GreenmanPerceptigen, Co-Founder

    Good design


    It's more expensive than booking a flight regularly, You have to pay for a better security experience.

    Teleport obviously spent a lot of time on their design, which is great, but that's where the positive ends. Flights are pretty expensive, and this continues to reinforce the idea that you should have to pay for a convenient and speedy security process at the air port.

    These start ups are highlighting a problem with the security process which is good. However, the TSA should be making improvements to increase the security and efficiency of checkpoints. They failed more than 97% of tests just two years ago. Get it together people, get it together.

    Charles Greenman has never used this product.
I fly between SF and LA often. If you book in advance (~10 days) you can get a one way flight on Southwest for as little as $39-49. I don't know why anyone would signup for this at $105 per flight. Also, pro tip: You can cancel your Southwest flight 10 minutes in advance for a refund or credit.
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@rrhoover Yeah, Southwest is great! Also don't think I understand the pricing... Why would I commit to a larger number of flights if I don't get a discount for doing so?
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@rrhoover if you want day-of or night-before booking the pricing makes more sense.
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@rrhoover I second this, I average about 40-54 one way.
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I need this for NYC to LA! Great product.