The fastest ever way to see your friends LIVE

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This is one of my favorite apps. 🆒
@abramdawson introduced this to me a few months ago when it was named Houseparty, a very appropriate metaphor for this app. My favorite part is the ability for your friends to introduce you to other people by pulling them into the live video conversation. @aakashsastry currently you're very focused on this engaging communication experience but do you see Teleparty offering more of a consumption, viewing platform later on? What does Teleparty look like 1-2 years from now?
@abramdawson @rrhoover We're really focused on communications right now! As mobile networks shift to LTE and our devices keep getting better, live video comms will have many more everyday use cases. But video chat products have to become easier, more casual, and more fun than they are today to enable this
@aakashsastry makes sense. I too would focus on making one thing work very well. What do you think of Meerkat and more generally, this surge in interest in live video streaming? cc @benrbn
Just telepartied (is that what we're calling it?) with @brianp: Teleparty is really designed to be used with 3-4 friends at once. The moment they introduce one of their friends (someone you don't know), is when you'll hit that "aha!" moment. Also, fun fact: it updates your "profile pic" with a screenshot of your face the moment the app was last closed.
@brianp @rrhoover Looks Awesome! downloading now! good job!
@brianp @rrhoover ahh just crashed, too much traffic! Trying to get back up edit: we're back!
Love this app, feels reminiscent of AIM back in the day w/ the notion of "being online/present". Also really like that when you close the app it updates your photo/status
Hi! Teleparty is a fast and fun way to see your friends live. Just open the app at the same time and you’ll see each other instantly! Simply tap someone to start talking. We’re really excited about the future of synchronous interaction on the internet and are having a lot of fun building it. We’d love to hear your thoughts! PS: Tweet @telepartyapp or email for support!