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Ryan HooverΒ β€” Founder, Product Hunt
Was not expecting this, and very similar looking to Medium with its minimal UI. πŸ’• the name.

I just pasted my most recent blog post. Here it is.
Cory BoatrightΒ β€” Founder of Real Estate Investing Profits
@rrhoover cool post bro
Ryan HooverΒ β€” Founder, Product Hunt
@coryboatright nice reply πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Erik van MechelenΒ β€” Novelist
@rrhoover @coryboatright Thanks for a great post, there, your idea of checking out !

Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)
Mara2⃣ — Student, Blogger
@rrhoover wow I love the post
Jaynti KananiΒ β€” Programmer
@rrhoover Post looks very satisfying, both content and UI wise. πŸ™πŸ½
Gezim HoxhaΒ β€” CEO,
@rrhoover I love that you're a total user of PH :)

I wanted to see a demo myself and first thing you post is a demo!
It's odd that there's no profile or anything of you in
Justin JacksonΒ β€” MegaMaker
Just tried it out.

- the simplicity

Would like:
- a way of "owning" my articles
- verifying that an author is actually the author
Bojan VidanovicΒ β€” Mobile/Web Developer
@mijustin Exactly what I was thinking.
@mijustin is it possible that the point of this medium is to create lengthier pieces of content than would fit in a regular chat message, then link to to from within your chat medium? If so, then what establishes it as "yours" is your chat message that links to it (and supported by your name on the author field).
Chris MessinaΒ β€” πŸ† PH Community Member of the Year!
@mijustin ownership is coming soon. You'll auth with your telegram account.
Stowe BoydΒ β€” futurist, researcher, iconclast
@mijustin Seems essential to me.
@mijustin @chrismessina in other words, I suspect telegraph is meant primarily to be used as a direct complement to telegram, as a means of better managing longer-form content while integrating cleanly
@chrismessina How can I be notified when the ownership feature has been implemented?
Vivek ChughΒ β€” Made Listables
@mijustin My thoughts too.
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