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Valerio Neri@valerioneri · IT & Processes
does it also run on e-corp servers?
Taylor WakefieldMaker@ktwakefield · Co-Founder, Gravitational
Hey Product Hunters, We built this as a dead simple way to share terminal sessions for our internal dev use. We use it to collaborate, help debug issues and show off websites or web apps running on our local host (no need to deploy to staging). We thought it might be useful to others, so we are offering it as a free service for you to use. The service creates single-use disposable anonymous SSH proxies for your secure sessions. Once a session is over, a proxy is destroyed and no data is stored. *But be careful* - the unique session ID's that you share with others, while impossible to guess, are the only keys preventing people from accessing your terminal. So careful who you share them with and always terminate your sessions when you’re done by typing exit or just closing the terminal window. You are also free to run it on your own servers. Teleconsole is just a hosted version of Gravitational Teleport (, which we use to access customers' proprietary infrastructure. It’s open sourced (, so if you want to host it yourself and force additional identity/access controls, go for it! Going to bed now but happy to answer questions in the morning PDT :)
Bogomil Shopov -Bogo@bogomep · Products. Experiences. Data. Privacy.
@ktwakefield what is the difference in compartment with for example?
Taylor WakefieldMaker@ktwakefield · Co-Founder, Gravitational
@bogomep They look like they solve similar problems. I've never used but one initial difference I see is that teleconsole has browser support. Also, looks like you have to host a tmate server.
Leo @leo_k · Full Stack Developer
@ktwakefield omg this is brilliant!
Bogomil Shopov -Bogo@bogomep · Products. Experiences. Data. Privacy.
@ktwakefield Thanks Taylor :)
Bogomil Shopov -Bogo@bogomep · Products. Experiences. Data. Privacy.
This is so good to be true! Kudos!
Rohan A. Smith@frazras · Founder@Rastival
This is perfect for our remote team. Sometimes we want to debug an issue one person is experiencing on their local environment and this just makes it sooooo easy
Joe Hobot@joehobot · Devops Guy
Is there any security concern? How is data at 'remote ssh server" handled? I do see that Taylor said "Once a session is over, a proxy is destroyed and no data is stored." - but is the data encrypted while session is running?