Easy to use universal remote app to control all your devices

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Use SURE Universal to control both infrared (IR) and WiFi appliances from both inside and outside the home via a simple to setup Universal Remote mobile app. Tekoia’s Smart Universal Remote can operate a variety of IR appliances such as TVs, cable boxes, air-conditioners and iRobot as well as WiFi appliances such as TVs, media streamers and Philips Hue lights. You can also use it to stream photos and videos directly from your smartphone to your smart TV.
Hi everyone, looking forward to your comments and questions.
Great app Viktor, unfortunately until Apple throws in an IR blaster it doesn't make sense for most people. Any plans to incorporate it with the iPhone like Logitech has with the Harmony platform?
@ntmichaud Hi, yes we are working on an iPhone version. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and we will let you know when it is ready.
@viktorariel1 awesome! I look forward to trying it out!
Can't install this on my Xiaomi Mi4c running Android Lolipop (Miui). Play Store says my device is incompatible. My phone has an IR blaster though.