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What kind of companies need $400 worth of tshirt designs each month and don't have a designer on staff? (Actually curious/not sarcasm)
@alexkadis This service is interesting to me because I can think of an idea and then get it designed by this service and then throw it up on a website in a few days. Coupled with an on-demand printing service like Printful, I wouldn't have to keep inventory and this could be a nice little income producer. I'm not a designer and I don't have the extra funds to hire a full-time designer, but I can come up with ideas for a shirt.
@parkeragee @alexkadis Exactly this. It's a little too expensive to be no-brainer but I'm seriously considering it for http://startuptrollclub.com. Solid hunt.
The 2 biz day delay and 1 at a time thing gates the flow to less than 10 designs a month, worth noting.
From their website: "When you join Teecup, you get your very own dedicated professional graphic designer - who will work remotely as your on-demand t-shirt designer. Your text gets turned into beautiful custom typography artwork within 2 business days. Enabling you to launch new t-shirt campaigns on the fly on sites like Teespring and Represent"
I think theres a new trend arising of the productization of services. This is a prime example. I like it.