A toypod for traveling kids

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Extremely happy to hunt this product made by my old schoolmate Morten & team. As soon as I saw the lego bases I knew I had to get one of these for my boy. This is the perfect (much needed) analog iPad alternative for when you're on the go. Ultimately it's just my favourite category of product: one that facilitates everyday play.
@flarup +1 for your comment iPad alternative.
Thanks Michael @flarup. We know the challenge of travelling with kids and are basically a dad-startup looking for more creativity and less "Are we there yet?" :). We came up with Teebee the Toypod and are exited to hear you guys thoughts and ideas AMA.
@mortenlerstrup @flarup You have my vote. I recommend this app for engaging kids especially in long travelling when they are just bored out of seating idle for hours.
Thanks @keplerdonald @flarup. When you think of it… None of us would like being stuck in a carseat for hours with no say in it… So a bit of meaningful play goes a long way.
@keplerdonald @flarup Personally I believe that selfdriving cars will probably make us send our kids to their grandparents driving alone… convenient and boooring :)
I would have loved to have had this when I was a kid! Very cool.
@jakecrump Glad to hear it
That's really great. The back of our car looks like a toy store most of the time, this would be super-useful.
What if you don't have kids?!
@joshuakarjala It'd be worth having kids just to get to use this. I'm totally buying one. A Teebee, that is.
@joshuakarjala Are you suggesting a business-edition? 😄 it does work well for adults actually :)