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Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆
Lots of changes in this new release, but beware — you'll lose all your offline downloads! ・Now you can get personalized recommendations from the TED community right on the home screen. ・Speaking of the home screen, it’s getting a major makeover: you’ll find your latest recommendations, newest and trending ideas, and all our curators’ picks in one place. ・Dark mode is here, and it’s on by default. Enjoy all your favorite TED Talks in a cozy cinematic setting. (No fears, though: light mode is still available if you prefer it.) ・We’ve simplified the app navigation. ・The much-requested “Surprise Me” feature is back. Tap it once to find an idea that will probably blow your socks off. ・In addition to duration, downloaded videos now show file size so you can better manage your device storage. ・On top of that, downloads include all available subtitles, so you can switch languages even when you’re offline. ・Search has been revamped to show more and better results. ・Videos now include even more helpful information, including a brief speaker bio, event data, and a personal recommendation from a member of the TED community. ・The app itself takes up much less space on your device; this means faster installs and updates. And, this new update allows us to push minor updates without requiring a complete update every time we improve something. ・All this, in addition to numerous other minor user interface tweaks and improvements.
@chrismessina "The suprise me" is missing the "time constraint" functionality, which was just perfect when doing cardio warmups at the gym :D Still good to see it back :)
This edition is available for Apple only. How about Android??
Dark mode's nice. Are you affiliated with TED, or is this a fan project?
Kristian GerardssonCEO at Frexity
@james_stramer Click the link -> Copyright © 2019 TED Conferences, LLC
Not available in Australia?! :( . So sad... let me know if that changes :)
mG SInnovation lover
Thanks for hunting this
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