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The most comprehensive list of tech awards ever assembled.

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Congratulations on your list Jake! I love your website and look forward to perusing the list! I can see this expanding into other categories and sub categories if you keep building it! How long did it take you to compile?
Hello, Product Hunters! Thanks for checking out the Technology Awards List! Our mission is to make the lives of PR and marketing folks at tech companies a little easier by helping them filter and make sense of the world of awards. I have found that whether they're working for a startup or even a Fortune 100 company, marketers are constantly asking themselves: how can I keep adding "award-winning" to articles, blog posts, and website content? They also ask themselves: How do I know which awards programs to apply to? Which ones are worth my time and money? (After all, we know that entering and winning awards is not free.) We've compiled a searchable list of over 8,000 awards in such categories as cybersecurity, AI, AR/VR, robotics, IoT, and more. It's growing every day! The complete list is currently available for $250 USD. Our plans include to make the list available for a monthly subscription, and also to have a project management feature, which allows you to keep track of your submissions, deadlines, and any associated costs. As we are still beta testing it, we are offering access to this list for free for a limited time! You can visit the homepage, https://www.technologyawardslist..., where you'll see the pop-up OR, you can visit https://www.technologyawardslist... and opt in there. We are in South Florida and actually soft-launched a few months ago. I have already shared this with several tech marketing folks and the feedback has been amazing so far. Feel free to ask me any questions here, and thanks to @mdorsett for hunting us! - Jake
@jakewengroff Wow, Jake-- this is a really useful and helpful tool for marketing and PR experts in tech. Their time is in short supply and "finding awards" is a challenging research task. Thanks for solving this challenge! What was the inspiration for Technology Awards List?
Thank you @lizfunk1 ! The product evolved out of the need for a capstone project for a Web development bootcamp. Turns out, I was more interested in solving a headache for my PR brethren than in building some complicated app with fancy features people didn't need. I chronicled this in a blog post: https://www.technologyawardslist... I'm currently offering access for free, so sign up and play around with it when you can. You should see a pop up on the website directing you to the free access. (If you do not, let me know.) Thanks again, Liz!