Top tech news, based on Twitter mentions

Mendo shows the most-shared links from your Twitter followers. Today we are launching Groups, curated lists of top influencers on particular topics, and surfacing public pages where you can see what these people are talking about.

Groups include: Technologists, Economists, Politicos, Scientists, and Urbanists

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Do you want to be an educated person when it comes to the top news in technology, economics, politics, urbanism, or science, but don't have time to read hundreds of things on Twitter? Mendo Groups curates the best commentators on these topics, and surfaces the most-shared links within a timeframe. It's like a curated Reddit, or a celebrity Hacker News, or a Digg-for-Experts. Sign up to follow any group to get a daily email with the top links, and download our iOS app to browse more content and customize who "counts" in your queue.