Find Tech jobs from companies sponsoring visas

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Hello all! I am the green M of this product :) This is a simple MVP that I have put together so that people can find a job abroad. Please let me know what you think and what feature should I add next! Thanks a lot!
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@julienbarbier42 Would like to chat. How can I reach you?
If you are an engineer looking to work abroad from your home country (who said in US?), you may want to check out @julienbarbier42 last project! TechMeAbroad only lists jobs from companies sponsoring visas :)
As an iOS Engineer who's dying to get out of London this is perfect for me. Will be giving this a proper look outside of work!
@itskathuria Thank you Rehat. Let me know if you find your dream job.
Really liked the simplicity. I think a search/filter option would be a great addition so people can filter by their skills and country of choice. Good luck and I'll be following to see how this progresses. Thanks!
@qruso Thank you! Search is its way! :)
Thank you @qruso ! Search is on the way! :)