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Question for everyone here. How would you feel about an iPhone App? We're thinking about building one and are curious if it's worth doing. Also, is there anything that you feel we should add to the site? What's missing?
@abdophoto I would like to see the review ratings for a product. on sale is great, but not if its 1/5 stars
@abdophoto I would totes dig it if it had real time deal alerts. Right now I depend on Twitter for that. If you need someone to build the app, I'd love to be a part of it.
@abdophoto android app you say....but of cause!
@itsthisjustin Interesting idea. I'll def keep you in mind with the App!
Love the simple design. One of my favorite deals site since I mostly use Amazon for shopping.
@bolivar Thank you so much. Wanna make it better
What about search for deals instead of Amazon search?
@matthui We def plan on bringing site search back. Just trying a few different things. Thanks, Matthew!
Would be great if the user could change the amazon country they want to use...i.e. etc
@kimschulz Yes! That's something we'd like to do. Working ways to do that. Thank you, Kim!
Hey Everyone! We just updated the design to make it easier to scan and check out these awesome deals. Let me know what you think!