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TechFeed delivers hand-picked, hot tech articles straight to your smartphone via text message every day, three times a day. Articles are hand-curated by our tech-savvy staff and summarized with out in-house summarization algorithm. From there, the staff adds their own creative flair to the articles, and ships them promptly every morning, lunch break, and evening for your convenience.

Hannah Konitshek
Cullen Peterson
  • Pros:Β 

    helps me keep up with the tech market, extremely inexpensive, saves me a bunch of time that would otherwise be unproductive


    website is eh

    Really like this service! I'd honestly even pay a bit more for it.

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This is amazing. I had a similar idea like this one πŸ™‚ Glad to see good products
@mubaris THANKS MAN!
Good quick and safe app.
Okay this is amazing...
Cool idea. Might want to fix color of the email on your cancellation page. Showing up white for me.
@erood20 Will do Erik! Thanks for the feedback - want a free month?
Love it! Will buy time and time again.