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Personalized news recommendations bot on Facebook Messenger

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Andrew Yaroshevsky
@andrew_yaroshevsky · CPO at Chatfuel
Lachlan Campbell
@lachlanjc · Code, apps, design, high school.
What's great about these bots is the install-ability of them — I just saw "TechCrunch on Messenger" and could get started using it without downloading anything. I'm not a fan of getting news delivered several times a day (too distracting), but it's great that the barrier to entry in terms of speed, data cost, and difficulty is so low with bots.
Ben Lang
@benln · Spoke
Had to block the CNN bot since I'm not a fan of message overload. Love to hear from someone actively using one of these news bots, do you find it useful?
@sornakumar · Software Developer
Reading an article is painful in this. The articles are not tailored for messenger. I like the Quartz app which has all the articles summarized and linked to the original article. This is a good start though!
Harsha Halvi
@h_halvi · Overlord @ Foci
Doesn't work that well. https://scontent.fmaa1-1.fna.fbc...