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Personalized news recommendations bot on Facebook Messenger

#4 Product of the DayApril 21, 2016
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What's great about these bots is the install-ability of them — I just saw "TechCrunch on Messenger" and could get started using it without downloading anything. I'm not a fan of getting news delivered several times a day (too distracting), but it's great that the barrier to entry in terms of speed, data cost, and difficulty is so low with bots.
Had to block the CNN bot since I'm not a fan of message overload. Love to hear from someone actively using one of these news bots, do you find it useful?
@benln It's somewhat useful. The CNN app showed my stuff I couldn't really care much about whereas the TechCrunch one has personal recommendations (correct me if the CNN app does as well, if so I'm just not that into news that's not about technology :p ). I usually fall behind on my techcrunch readings but since the bot brings the content to me I don't feel like I'm missing much.
Reading an article is painful in this. The articles are not tailored for messenger. I like the Quartz app which has all the articles summarized and linked to the original article. This is a good start though!
Doesn't work that well.