Tech Trumps

The ultimate stocking filler card game for Silicon Valley

Make TECH TRUMPS that extra special present for a co-founder, startup colleague, developer friend or family member who works in TECH.

36 cards featuring the finest entrepreneurs and founders of today. Lovingly packaged in a high-quality tuck box for maximum portability this festive season.

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Nathaniel Dadzie
Co Founder, Tech Enthusiast
Hello Product Hunters!! 😸 Massive shout out to @bramk for hunting us today 🔥 I’m Nate Dadzie, one half of the Tech Trumps team. 👬 My Co founder Song and I came up with this idea on a slow day in the office about 4 weeks ago. We found ourselves playing a classic game of Top Trumps to pass the time. We then decided to take it a step further and create our own version of the game...using Google. We started finding net worths, number of exits etc. of famous entrepreneurs that we knew of. Whoever had the highest number won. We thought ‘hey, this is actually pretty fun!’ and then the penny dropped and Tech Trumps was born. We drew some of the finest Entrepreneurs Google could find 🖥 Elon, Jeff, Gary, Tim, Sheryl, Sergey - just some of the names in the deck So you’re stuck for a christmas present idea for your co founder - or that person who reads way too many startup blogs and loves Tim Ferriss, then Tech Trumps could be the perfect gift for them. 🎄🎁 We look forward to answering any questions you’ve got about the product! P.S If we’ve missed a top entrepreneur from our deck and you feel enough outrage about this, let us know! Your suggestion might just make it into Tech Trumps 2.0 P.S P.S FREE SHIPPING AND SPECIAL PRICING FOR THE NEXT 48 HOURS. ⏰ PRODUCT HUNTERS USE ‘PRODUCTHUNT20’ AT CHECKOUT FOR 20% OFF 😎
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