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Wire is, simply put, the best privacy-oriented communications app. I'm a huge fan of their team and project since it's inception. I can easily see them fulfilling niches such as investing, press, mergers, law or copyright teams, where encryption and compliance is mandatory.
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For the privacy community, this is gold!!! First service to offer such security features. Winner.
Seems nifty. It seems the only market will be people who are willing to sacrifice Integrations for End-to-End Encryption. Unless a business requires end-to-end encryption for compliance reasons, Slack seems a better choice. If they offered free teams for open-source teams via a review process, that could be something to help the uptake (open-source teams that are billed $5/team instead of $5/user could also work).
@balupton I totally agree, without a platform it will not go far.
@balupton Hi, I'm from Wire. Slack is an easy comparison but the market that's shown a lot of interest in Wire is different. End-to-end encryption + jurisdiction and servers in Europe is key here. This makes it appealing for companies who need to follow strict EU data protection policies. Most interest is outside of the tech world - medical, legal, tax/accounting - from industries still mostly relying on a combo of email /phone /Skype perhaps. That's not to say integrations isn't important. We have an early version of E2EE integrations API available http://dev.wire.com
Absolutely love Wire and what their team is doing. A while back I managed to convince most of my friends to switch over to it whilst I was ditching Facebook Messenger, and I haven't looked back since. The design is fantastic, the security is more fantastic, and it's supported on pretty much any platform I can think of.
Would be great for university researchers working with confidential data. And I really see potential with encrypted bot communication both for the wire private and wire at work. Great job!
@galimotion Universities are definitely potential clients. We've spoken to a handful, many seem interested in self-hosted version that is also on the roadmap. We're also looking into a discount version for non-profits and academia. More on that hopefully in Q4.
@teller Great to hear! Would love to know more about the discount version for academia. For a teacher/student combo it would nice to have some difference in what teachers can do and what students can and what a teacher users cost and what a student users cost. I have a few feature requests for Wire to work a bit better for larger teamwork: comments on files, mentions and reply messages. All of them is for keeping the conversation more organized. When 10+ people chat in a group it can easily become noizi.
@galimotion Thanks for the feature requests - they all make sense. Regarding the academia discount - as said, more later this year. If you sign up with the beta then a free ride until the end of the year.