Team Time Zone

Local clocks for distributed teams who use Slack

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This is cool and very helpful with our PH team being so distributed across the globe! Also you can check out the story of @alisdair building Team Time Zone here:
@bentossell That is really neat. I often forget we have more timezones that just Sofia and San Francisco :)
How is something like this not built into Slack already? I forgot who suggested this but ti would be nice to have the ability to view the timestamp of a teammates message in their local time as well. cc @matmullen @buster
@rrhoover so weird, because Slack already has the local time data (you can see it in a user's profile). You think they'd add that as a simple option.
@clarklab the problem is you have to manually change the timezone. It'd be a lot better if they'd it automatically a la OS X.
Standard problem we all deal with, looks like this will be a good fix!
Anyone tried this a really large team? Seems like the column view might get a bit hectic with 100+ workers loaded in there...