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Replace your daily status meetings with daily email updates

#4 Product of the DayJuly 20, 2014
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All you need to do is set-up the daily (you can specify the frequency yourself) report, input a few questions that you want updates on, like “What did you accomplish today?”, “What will you do tomorrow?” and “What obstacles are impeding your progress?” and it will be automatically sent out each day. All team members can then quickly fill out the short questionnaire each day. The system then collates responses and delivers a complete status report on everyone’s progress .
@kwdinc reminds me of iDoneThis cc @smalter
I'm the founder, feel free to ask questions :-)
@lukedvs how is it different to iDoneThis, other than having some questions bolded vs 1 question?
@_jacksmith You named it. We focus on structure and detailed questions in our reports. It's also possible to set up complex reporting structures. The guys at iDoneThis are doing a great job (I love their reply function) and I used it for a while, but sometimes I thought there should be more specific questions/answers and reports.
@lukedvs ok; so like a mix of idonethis and 15five
Awesome. In the same realm as, but used after the meeting and when recapping work done. @lukedvs any plans to group things into Sprints, with a kick off overview at the top? A bit like, but more to this purpose than simply taking minutes.
@thejulielogan i'd love to hear more about this idea. Please send me an email with more details :)
@lukedvs Will it be free? What is your monetisation plan?
@ozguralaz A basic version is and will be free. We want to monetize with paid subscriptions (
@ozguralaz they offer paid plans EDIT: Oops, was 6" late ;-) @lukedvs
Just sent this to my manager for some beta testing. Will it blend?