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Tobi Rohmann
Tobi RohmannMaker@toomaime · Founder Teacherjobs.io
I built teacherjobs.io for a simple reason. As a teacher, the hunt for jobs is difficult and frustrating. There are no job networks specialized in teacher jobs around the world and any major job boards that exist do not embrace teacher jobs in an efficient way. So I built a daily aggregator that indexes teacher jobs around the world and simplifies the search for teacher jobs. I put a lot of work into the project and I would really appreciate your feedback and questions.
Scott Wyden Kivowitz
Scott Wyden Kivowitz@scottwyden · Photographer / Marketing @ Imagely
My wife is a teacher and she had such a hard time finding a job. So I'm glad to see this out there.
Alexander Kehaya
Alexander Kehaya@afkehaya · Entrepreneur / BD at Orchid Labs
This is pretty interesting. Where did you pull all the data from?
Nik Sharma
Nik Sharma@mrsharma · Director of Performance Marketing, hint
Love that someone made this for teachers!!
Philip Dixon
Philip Dixon@philiptdixon
Will definitely use it next time I'm looking for a job, and will​ share with my other teacher friends. 👍🏻