Teacher WFH Checklist

A curated collection of resources & tips for WFH teachers

Teacher WFH Checklist is a collection of resources & tips to help teachers adjust to an online workflow. Ultimately, the aim is to help teachers transition from working in a physical classroom to an online classroom.
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Nathan Hussey
Full Stack Web Developer
Hello everyone, I am excited to launch my first side project - Teacher WFH Checklist. I built this project after watching the teaching professionals in my life, clambering to meet the needs of students in an online classroom setting. The aim of this web app is to provide a central source for teachers, to aid in reducing the difficulties of teaching online. Let me know any feedback you have to improve the website or something you would like to see added in the comments👇 What's next for Teacher WFH Checklists - Add more topics to the checklist - Double the number of resource links - Implement user feedback to improve the web apps usefulness Support Our Teachers Please share this resource with a teacher in your life Thanks Nathan