Crowdsourced news validation forum to fight fake news

TattleGEN is a Crowdsourced News Validation Forum to Fight Fake News, involving the entire community to help people identify fake news and believe in only the truth – preventing propagation of misinformation, a serious threat to the world today.
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Great product solving an important problem! Looking forward to using the platform 👍
@lachlankirkwood @lachlankirkwood Thanks a lot for the Reponse! We would be glad to listen to your suggestions!
Hi, PH! I am glad to announce the launch of SocialME's new product - TattleGEN! TattleGEN has been created in response to the ongoing Fake News Crisis - which has caused havoc multiple times, merely by spreading misinformation. Join the Mission. The working of TattleGEN is a comunity effort. SignUp to TattleGEN today, and join the mission against Fake News - a spreading venom in this world of Social Media. Your Contribution can help prevent this threat and make the Internet a safer, and a more credible place for all. Gets your Facts checked. Post news in Minutes. In barely a minute, you can post any news on TattleGEN, along with supporting links and images. The Forum then checks the facts and tells you what's wrong and what's right. Stay Updated With only the Right News. TattleGEN helps you stay updated with the most trending news - while informing you about its credibility. So, you can be sure that you believe in only what's right - not fake news. Get News Verified by Certified Moderators, and the Entire Community - including You. TattleGEN ensures total credibility when it comes to Fake News Validation. Only TattleGEN certified professionals are made Moderators on the forum - who in turn drive the process of News Validation. On TattleGEN, its not just the Moderators - the entire community shares the task of News Validation. All users can provide their opinion about the credibility of a news item - and the forum processes all the responses obtained from crowdsourcing, to provide the validity of the Tattle. Stand Against Fake News with Certificates. TattleGEN offers Validity Certificates for every verified tattle, which you can share with others with confidence, to alert everybody about fake news. So what are you waiting for? Start using TattleGEN today! Want to Volunteer as a Moderator? Kindly reach out to us - we had love to consider you!