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Get movie suggestions based on personal taste.

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I'm someone who like things.

I mainly use this app to start referecing all of my viewed films, but it's extremely helpful to based from that, found some movies recommendations, based fron your made cinema types charts, and similar recommendations of others users.


Easy Tinder-like system to choose and categorise all of your movies, Twitter style limited characters for reviews, and accurate suggestions


None so far.

Right now im waiting for a form to import my imdb list to the site since i have 4200 movies and 300 shows, and that will hurt to add manually, so i humble request someone to create an imdb import OR a nifty chrome extension that let us open the same item on taste when we browsing imdb.


perfect in what its build to do, better than all other sites that try to do the same.


no service import and no manual add of missing items. hard to rate when we use the 1 to 10 ratings.

@ Settle

It's a nice app to have in conjunction to a service like LetterBoxd. Interesting to see the suggestions made by the ap.


Great for movie and tv show suggestions. Good app interface and nice social aspect


Needs more rating options other than the current 4, I'd like it to be a bit more nuanced.