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A simple task manager app for macOS


Taskr is a simple task manager for macOS

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Senior Information Architect, AA

I really like the Today / Backlog flow, and the top horizontal navigation. Like how easy it is to create "Projects". In general, I just really like this app! I've been waiting for something like this to come along. Some initial thoughts:

- Add New Task: Tasks are always added to the "backlog", however I expected that since there was an "Add New Task" button on the Today tab, it would be added there instead. I think whichever tab you add the task on, that is where it should be created.

- Help Text: When creating a new task, the help text in each field is cool at first, but I think maybe after the first use or two it shouldn't show up again. It's also formatted like the normal text, so it feels like I need to select it and delete it before I can type.

- View / Edit: Doesn't seem like there's significant differences between these options. Maybe this could be consolidated to just the "Edit" page, but the label could be "View". This would indicate that you can view the full task, and then when your on the task page, you could just change it. Alternatively, maybe you could just expand the row when it is clicked. I'd assume most people wouldn't add a lot of text to their tasks, since this is a simple task manager feeling app. Then, instead of a "view" option, it would just be "edit".

- Move to Backlog: It would be nice to have a "Backlog" option when you roll over tasks on the Today tab, just like there is a "Today" option on tasks on the Backlog tab.

- Menu: Would be real nice to have this in the mac's menu bar. I keep accidentally closing the program :/

Thank you for sharing this!



Simple, easy and delightful to use. Dark color scheme. Today / Backlog workflow.


No menu bar

Design @ WayScript, Modular Synth Nerd
Agree on the Add New Task defaulting to today! Also, it'd be awesome if you incorporated some of the functionality of gone-app.com i.e. moving a task to the backlog if it's been on "today" for 24 hours.
software engineer
Awesome feedback! I'll probably add everything you commented, it will make so much easier to use the app. About the Add New Task, I like adding everything to the Backlog and whe I start planning I move to the Today's tab. But since a lot of people are asking for this I had the idea to create a global user config so user can choose which they prefer. Thanks a lot for the comment! Really helpful!
CTO & Founder, spiderheman.com
+1 for the menu bar widget
Co-Founder, RetroTrades

I love that this is a no-bloat task app. Perfect for small lists and no need to make it bloated to support huge task lists. Definitely keep it simple. The main missing feature for me is drag and drop. Even with just 1-5 tasks, it's nice to be able to move them around, especially on the Today view.


Simple, concise, and quick to use.


Minor features missing


Interesting idea, but have some problem:

1) Can't choose today when create new task

2) Don't save project after creating task

3) Can't move task in list

4) When you don't click "Create new task" and go, for example, to setting page, fields don't save


Simple to use, Fast, Good design, Simple UI


Can't past text to fields, Don't save projects

software engineer
Hey Vlad! Thanks for your feedback. I just released a version today v0.3.0. Now you can choose to create new tasks on the Today's tab and can paste text to fields. About the other points I might implement it on the future releases, bear with me since I'm the only one developing the App and this was the first public release. I'm gathering all the feedbacks and deciding about what to implement or not.
building HAYV

I really love this app for planning all my work related tasks. It makes my daily planning in the morning so easy, since I can just grab my tasks from the backlog and start working. I think it sliced the time for the daily planning atleast by 50%.


Great for work related tasks and especially for daily planning.


No clear distinction for private and work related tasks possible.