Taskful 2.0

Deadlines, meet your match.


Taskful is a smart to-do list and task manager app that helps you stay on track and meet your deadlines. It breaks down all of your tasks and only shows you what you need to do today so you can stay focused and motivated.

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24 Reviews4.4/5

This app is really beautifully designed, and I'm a todo app addict kind of lol. This is way nicer to use than Microsoft To-Do.




BEAUTIFUL ui, interactions, organization. Very intuitive and refreshingly predictable.


I know its just a baby app, but a webapp or desktop equivalent would be awesome if I wanted to go in and manage/add alot of tasks at once.

Thank you for the review! We are currently working on building out both a web app and desktop app for Mac and Windows. Should be launching those in January sometime. Welcome to Taskful Pro!



very beautiful design...



Thank you for the review! Welcome to Taskful Pro!
Looking forward to seeing if this can replace my beloved Wunderlist.



beautiful UI and interaction design


takes a long time to load on my phone

Thank you for the feedback. We are working on a fix for that. Welcome to Taskful Pro!

Information architecture fail:

No sectioning for tasks or projects -- so you get 10+ and you're gone. You are in procrastination heaven.

Task managment fail (!?!):

(1) You can't add more than about 15 projects - you run out of colours and the screen goes white and the projects are greyed out (?!).

(2) You can't edit tasks after you write them - only tick them off. And if you accidentally tick them, you can't untick them.

FOCUS/productivity fail:

(1) When you miss a SINGLE day of tasks, it's lumped into "Today", so you lose any benefit of focusing (plus you can't edit the date - and if you could, you can't do it quickly enough to be beneficial).

(2) When you are adding a task via a category it's automatically got a date - but then you've got to move it every single time you don't complete it (x50 tasks/day). So this is a waste of time. It should default to no date unless you choose one, or there be a bulk way to select and change dates.

(How can I say this so confidently? I'm writing a productivity course, and I've used almost every to-do app out there.)


Great UI


Lots of bugs; some effort, but minimal, towards good structure + hierarchy. And you can't focus when yesterday's incompletes run into todays

Unless I misunderstand what you're saying, you *can* edit tasks, right? Slide the task left, and tap "edit." I kept trying to tap the task to open and edit, so yeah -- the UI is not exactly intuitive for me.
You can edit a task, like @cacarr was saying, by swiping the task to the left. You can then edit the amount completed, edit the task, or delete it. We think provide the user with 17 color options for categories because once you start providing more color options they can start looking similar. We felt like the color options we provided were a good selection for users. If you are the kind of person to have 17+ projects then you can either start by grouping projects into categories and then start creating tasks with subtasks for each project or find an app that gives you more categories/projects. Thank you for the feedback. We are aware of the bugs in the app and are working on getting builds out to fix them.

I signed up with office@quokkacreative.com and I’m looking forward to using Pro.


Excellent concept


The amount field seems a little buggy on iOS

Thank you for the feedback! Welcome to Taskful Pro!

I was way happier while I was using this app freely.


Great UI, has everything I need but..


New subscription thing ruins everything for me