A minimal and sharable task list.

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John Xie
Hi everyone! We're super excited to launch Taskade here on PH. I hope you find it fun and useful for organizing your ideas, goals, and daily tasks. We set out to create a natural and frictionless experience for making to-do lists without the unnecessary clutter, and this is our first iteration. Let us know what you think, we’re here to answer questions a… See more
Evan Kimbrell
@evankimbrell · Founder, Sprintkick
Considering task list apps have been bloated, slow, and paywalled since the 2000s, this meme is appropriate: http://i.giphy.com/11ISwbgCxEzMy...
Michal Černý
@michalcerny · Front-end developer
Just wow. Good job! Love chrome extension, looking forward to mac/ios synced version. Take my money!
Gabriel Whaley
@gabriel_whaley · MSCHF.xyz
so simple!
Cody McLain
@codymclain · SupportNinja, CEO
Great job! Love the minimalist look. Although I'd argue the formatting shortcuts are a little bit overkill on a todolist, unless your users start using it for note-taking which doesn't seem like the intended purpose. I like the link that pops out which allows you to share the list, however it seems only evident about the use of the app that a user could hav… See more