Taskade 2.0

Create tasks, notes, and video chat, on the same page. ⚡️✏️✅

Taskade is a beautiful organization and collaboration tool for getting things done. Create task lists, notes, and video chat together, all on the same page. Start instantly, Taskade is simple, flexible, and fun! 🌈
  • Connor Russo
    Connor RussoFounder of locostudio.co

    Love the mix of headers and checkboxes, makes it much easier to organize than other list apps.


    The only thing I'd like is the ability to bulk check and uncheck sub bullets.

    My first use case is grocery shopping. That’s why until now I’ve been a loyal Wunderlist user. But Taskade is way easier for a few reasons: 1. I often make recipes and with Taskade it’s possible to copy and paste directly from my chrome tab to a list group. 2. I can keep a bunch of list groups with recipes and just incomplete the one I want to make (I normally buy for 1-2 recipes at a time) so I don’t need to keep remaking them from scratch. 3. I can see the recipes I want to buy in the same view as the other random stuff I need.

    Connor Russo has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Setting and sharing tasks are super easy. VIdeo chat is a big plus for keeping everyone on the same page.


    None I can find so far.

    Used taskade for a while and love the product. I'd recommend anyone to give it a shot! It makes working with remote team members much, much easier and keeps everyone in sync.

    Wayne Sun has used this product for one year.
Hi Hunters! 👋 John here, co-founder and CEO of Taskade, together with @lxcid and @dionisloire. We are super excited to share with you Taskade 2.0, a lightning-fast organization and collaboration tool for making structured lists of things. It's like a todo list, but much smarter. Taskade removes the separation between tasks, notes, and communication, so you can stay focused and get work done. From ideas to actions, discussions to decisions, all on the same page. 🧘 As a remote team for almost a decade, we know the importance of keeping everyone on task and in sync. Taskade is not designed for managers, it is designed for real teams, that ship. This is our vision for the future of team productivity, reimagined. Thanks again for everyone's continued support. We couldn't have done this without you. ❤️ What's New in Taskade 2.0? 🧐 - Instantly collaborate on team agendas, meeting notes, and project roadmaps. - Chat as you work together on the same page, keep everyone on task. (text + audio + video call) - Transform a task list into any view you prefer. (checklist, outline, kanban board, mindmap) - Create templates and tags to automate your workflows. - Start a Workspace for your project, team, company. Taskade is simple, flexible, and fun! Get started in seconds and let us know what you think. Our apps are available on Web, iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Mac and PC. Fun Fact: We have a public roadmap where Taskaders can discuss and share their ideas. Bonus: Get 50% off on Pro with this coupon code producthunt50 or upgrade for free.
@lxcid This app looks a good alternative to Trello. Just one this, is that 50% for life or just first month/year?
@lxcid @dionisloire @johnxie I would have tried it but it forcefully asks to make a copy of my contacts. That's not the right permission. Lost interest there and never signed up. → http://on.ahmda.ws/b37c63
@munir_kamal The first year, but do contact us a year later if you'd like an extension. ;)
@mrahmadawais We use this to help you find people to share the list with, it's a social collaboration platform. You can always create an account using plain e-mail and password, if you'd like.
@johnxie Congrats on 2.0 John!
Taskade 2.0 is the evolution of what the team started with 1.0, a faster and more elegant way to manage tasks right from your browser. The product has added mobile apps and desktop apps. There's also now templates, notes, chat, video and more. Check it out and ask the team for what you want built next!
@hnshah Thanks Hiten!
Software like slack touted to revolutionize email, but I've found it difficult to keep track of conversations even with the threads. It requires a different piece of software to actually track the tasks, thus you can end up overlapping software for tasks and communication. With Taskade, every conversation refers back to the task list. It gives me and my team the ability to discuss a project while offering the ability to see the project timeline, tasks, priorities on the same screen. Taskade is easy to use and combines the best elements of a simple Todo-list with powerful workflow templates that make managing projects and teams a breeze.
@codymclain Thanks for the thoughtful comment Cody, this is super on point. Taskade integrates messaging and task lists in one place to make collaborating simple, fast, and focused. This means removing the noise, so teams and individuals can stay focused and on task.
Love using this for simple to do lists, collaboration features are a plus!
@juhaszhenderson Thank you! We will continue to make sharing and collaboration frictionless, part of our original mission with Taskade.
Brilliant update! I've been using Taskade on a daily basis for a while. Love that the product is laser focused on the tasks format - really helps me stay organized. Congrats @johnxie @lxcid @dionisloire for building such a thoughtful and elegant product experience.
@lxcid @dionisloire @bolingj Thanks for the continued support!