Connor Russo
Connor Russo reviewedTaskade 2.0Create tasks, notes, and video chat, on the same page. ⚡️✏️✅

Love the mix of headers and checkboxes, makes it much easier to organize than other list apps.


The only thing I'd like is the ability to bulk check and uncheck sub bullets.

My first use case is grocery shopping. That’s why until now I’ve been a loyal Wunderlist user. But Taskade is way easier for a few reasons: 1. I often make recipes and with Taskade it’s possible to copy and paste directly from my chrome tab to a list group. 2. I can keep a bunch of list groups with recipes and just incomplete the one I want to make (I normally buy for 1-2 recipes at a time) so I don’t need to keep remaking them from scratch. 3. I can see the recipes I want to buy in the same view as the other random stuff I need.

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