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Repository of 500+ Chatbot Templates for different industries including mortgage, insurance, legal, healthcare, real estate, travel etc. These are high performing chatbot conversation flows ready to use. Go ahead and create a chatbot with Tars in minutes.
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This reminds me of Hubspot workflow recipes. Given that making a bot is an art, these templates are super helpful. Thanks for putting this together. This is going to be a super handy go to resource for a whole lot of marketing teams - including us and our customers.
@vivekk Thanks for the upvote Vivek. Yes, that's the thought process behind building this product. We have built and curated some of the most high performing chatbot conversation flows and made them available for an easy access for anyone to start using it. We plan to keep adding more templates every week :)

We wanted to use bot for our platform, so far i knew only use-case that was lead generation, but after exploring this templates actually realized that bots can serve many other use-cases in our platform as well.


Huge collection of use-cases! Something for everyone.


Can't think of at the moment.

Much easier to use a template to create a chatbot than to start from scratch. Thanks for compiling such an exhaustive list. Do you have a free trial to try this out ?
@kalyanvarmak Thanks for the upvote Kalyan :) Yes, we have 14 Days free trial and you can use use any of the 500+ templates.

This is like Chat bots for Dummies 🤗 Cudos to Ish and team for the seamless onboarding experience and make it look easy.


This is amazing.. can’t get easier to create chat bots then this.


None at the moment

Hi everyone, I’m Vinit, a co-founder at TARS and one of the makers of chatbot templates gallery! A couple of months ago, my co-founder Ish and I were going through the usage data of our chatbot building platform (TARS). And we quickly realized that a lot of business owners and marketers really like the idea of having a chatbot, but quickly abandon the creation process because they either don’t have time or feel too intimidated to even start. Making a great chatbot conversation is not an easy task. It requires an understanding of the industry, customer intent, empathy, how to make the conversation flow, and love to talk to people... and emojis and Gifs. That's not the end. Once you have made a conversation flow, you have to put it to test. Run it live, and bring traffic to those chatbots. And see how the numbers are moving. How many people are starting the conversation with the chatbot? Where are they dropping off in the conversation? Why are they dropping at a particular step? etc.. That's why we decided to go on a journey to build the biggest repository of high performing chatbot templates that anyone can use. Our primary aim with the chatbot templates is to make it as frictionless as possible for marketers to create chatbots (even if they don’t know how to code). Through these chatbot templates, we want to give would-be bot makers the tools that they need to stand up the chatbot of their dreams within a matter of minutes. If you have never created a chatbot before, we’d love it if you could give the template gallery a try and give us some feedback! We sincerely hope you take some time to check these out and find them useful. Would love to hear from you guys. Also, we are adding new chatbot templates every week at the rate of 30 chatbot templates/week. Cheers!