Tarjimly Mobile

Connecting refugees & immigrants with volunteer translators

Tarjimly Mobile is a standalone application that that connects refugees and aidworkers with translators in realtime. Connect via chat or audio, and help millions of people in need
Available on iOS and Android.
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4 Reviews5.0/5
Hi! I'm one of the creators of Tarjimly Mobile and we made this phone application to provide refugees and immigrants instant access to our global network of translators. We built this tool to break down language barriers for vulnerable populations. Originally built during the Muslim Ban, weve shifted to a mobile app to serve a wide variety of languages. All over the world, and the US, the inability to communicate has stopped people from gaining access to basic human rights and needs. If you have felt angry, frustrated, or helpless, especially with regards to the immigrant and refugee situation across the US and across the world, this is a tangible way to help. *** Signup as a translator at tarjimly.org/start or connect us to people who work with refugees or resettlement cases via email team@tarjim.ly - thanks! ****