Target Your Competitor 2.0 is one of the most effective growth campaign tool for your product. We send a personalised tweet to all the followers of your competitor on Twitter from real people.

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To our friends on Product Hunt - I am here with a version 2 of a little controversial product :) and this time with a track record of success! Building a product is hard; growth and marketing can be even harder because no one solution fits all. But over the years, we realised that one of the most effective growth campaigns for your product is to target the followers of your competitor. That’s why we have Target Competitor. Target Competitor send a personalised tweet to all the followers of your competitor on Twitter. What makes us unique? We do this by having a network of influencers who send out the message about your product to the followers of your competitor on twitter. They do this among other tweets, so luckily this appears as a one to one message, someone telling each other about a great product. Since v1 we’ve completed over half million tweets for 50+ clients. We also grew our influencers network to 200+ people in the last 3 months. We were worried this appearing spammy, but the fact that we are targeting people who are interested in those kind of services, and subtly crafting the message made us stand different, and personal. None of our influencers accounts blocked or removed during the recent Twitter cleanup, they scrapped millions of accounts. More importantly, we had tons of people liking and responding to our campaigns as you can see in the screenshots! Some FAQs below, Are you using bots? No. All the tweets are sent from real accounts owned by real people. Isn’t this spamming? We think of this as an effective twitter version of cold emailing, we are also not tweeting random people. Someone following your competitor means they are interested in the space or similar product. Are you tweeting from real accounts?  Yes. Real tweets from real people using their accounts. Some facts : - 500k+ tweets sent - 200+ influencers - For 50k tweets we see upward of 1 million + tweet impressions - We even had verified profiles responding and engaging with tweets PS : We have a product launch plan where we do 50k tweets for $1899, we craft most effective campaign messages, designs, competitor research and everything included, you get anywhere upward of 1 million tweet impressions. Get in touch with me if you are interested Please share any feedback or questions. Thanks again!
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Tried. Awesome product. Really helps target my exact set of potential customers.
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@suresh_balasubramanian Glad it helped, cheers! :)
this is interesting. Is it just the competitor targeting or can we use keywords as well?
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@zedsq We don't have keywords yet, but with the product launch plan, we help you find the relevant competitors / accounts to target.
Looks like a combination of algorithm and humans doing the work. I guess this is a productized version of a lead sourcing/nurturing service with a focus on twitter as a lead generation channel. Curious to know more, but I agree that this may be controversial
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@arunaugustine Exactly. Instead of celebrity influencers we have common people using our tools to efficiently send the tweets. That's exactly why we are in tune with Twitter policies as well. We were also worried about being spammy as many pointed out, but however in action we actually saw people engaging with the tweets. I think it's because the content is relevant to them. We even had a few verified profiles responding to us with questions etc!
Really interesting product out there. I believe it could help Marketers to explore new channels for engaging and hunting down fresh users.
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@jacob_mani Yes, we've also seen this working well with content marketing. We had a couple of companies pushing their content this way. I think the key is to have content relevant to the people you target + getting the copy right, without being intrusive.