Target Pattern

Twitter Engagement as a Service

@recborg had one of the earliest products for this - interesting aftermath.
Ooh, I wonder how this compares to
@nikkielizdemere Tribeboost looks to be more analytic focused, plus the pricing is on the higher end, probably due to the data generated
@acondurache Just to put it into more perspective, I signed up for Tribe Boost on May 1st of this year and have 3,518 new followers from it since then. That comes out to about 1,172 followers a month and I pay $99/month for that (because I have three accounts signed up through it). For Target Pattern, 1,000-2,000 followers a month is also $99/month.
@BlendahTom Ah, looks like an auto-favoriting service.
@nikkielizdemere are they good followers? Do they engage etc?
Auto-favoriting use to work well but it's quickly lost its novelty imho. Twitter's new profile design clearly shows the number of favorites an account makes so having a lot of favorited tweets can make you look spammy.
@OsmnShkh I use TwitFox for auto-favoriting less than 100 "Customer Success"-related tweets a day.
@nikkielizdemere Smart move! I used to use BuzzFork and it din't let you set a limit.
@nikkielizdemere Also, congrats on being a part of Product Hunt. Your posts and comments helped make GH a great community.
@OsmnShkh Thank you. I really enjoy being on both teams. :)
@OsmnShkh That's silly. A limit is definitely necessary.
Let's see if we can get @StartupsMktg in here to discuss.