TarDisk Pear 2.0

Plug-&-play hybrid drive that'll double your MacBook storage

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TarDisk Pear 2.0 has been hunted! This is awesome! As the founder and CEO, it is my pleasure to introduce TarDisk Pear 2.0! A device that is about the size of your thumb nail, TarDisk Pear is the first and only product to expand your existing MacBook drive. This means that you get one unified volume, no tools required. Did you only opt for the 128GB SSD in your MacBook Air? [I did] With TarDisk Pear that 128GB Macintosh HD you own becomes 384GB. Your guessed it, 256GB becomes 512GB! No more need to upgrade your MacBook! YES, TarDisk merges your existing drive to create one UNIFIED larger volume. Go ahead and save twice (or 3x) as much stuff to your desktop or anywhere on your machine, with TarDisk Pear its like you bought that more expensive computer :) Since launching TarDisk we have been luck to garner a ton of press around what we have built here! {TechCrunch, Gizmodo, 9to5Mac, SlashGear, etc] TarDisk has gone through a number of major functional overhauls starting with a [super over funded] Kickstarter Campaign and an awesome PH post here [https://www.producthunt.com/tech...], this product was essentially a high performance "external" drive. We then released our first version of enabled-hardware through the Pear 1.0 Hybrid Drive [https://www.producthunt.com/tech...]. We have since evolved TarDisk to our most recent offering Pear 2.0. We are proud to off to you the world's first plug-and-play hybrid drive! TarDisk Pear 2.0 offers a number of advances which have significantly changed the user experience; - The Pear 2.0 software platform [faster more intuitive and more stable!] - Redesigned Aluminum enclosures that remove the potential for chip damage - Redesigned topcase - new more robust material + design - Faster, more stable flash memory. I would love to answer any questions as they come up; the company, the product. It is a pleasure to have another post on PH!
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@molecularsand I'd love to demo this and write up a review. Tweet me @MSitver and we'lll set something up.
Rad. Would love to see something bigger than 256GB tho. Perhaps 1TB ??? One can wish, right?
@anodigital, We are working on it! It is a challenge on three fronts; [1] Every new generation of MacBook has had the slot we use get smaller and smaller! It started at 21mm long with the old MacBook Pros and as of the most recent 13" MacBook Pro Retinas it is down to 16mm -- Its Tight but we are ahead of it! [2] We are using 17nm flash. A few years ago only 19nm was available. There have been press releases around next gen 15nm flash, but it will take a little while (12 moths?) for the manf. capacity to ramp up. [3] And lets not forget the laws of Physics :P If you need space today -- 256gb is 3x the capacity of a baseline 128GB MacBook. We are working on that 10x upgrade I promise ;)
Wow I'm a fan🙌👏🎉 every little bit counts!
I have a 256GB Tardisk combined with my 120GB SSD on my MacBook Pro (Retina). I love it, and it was without a doubt a good decision to upgrade my storage. I strongly recommend this for anybody who needs more storage. If you need to use your SD card slot, you can purchase a USB SD card reader.
I got the 1.0 just a few months ago... besides the disappointment of not seeing this coming so soon, does the new version support bootcamp? Biggest pain so far is not having the ability to bootcamp, besides that, the device is wonderful!
@dnuzum Good question. Pear 2.0 does not support bootcamp... yet. We are working on it though and will get it to you as soon as we figure it out. Bootcamping turns out to be a bit more of a doozy than we'd originally thought because of the nature of how a partition would effect the file allocation logic Pear uses -- a process that insures users experience no speed compromise whatsoever. Thanks for your feedback, we've gotten a number of requests for this. Consider yourself heard.
@dnuzum, awesome! (That is why PH is such an awesome community!) We can do bootcamp in house, the problem is doing it in a way that is reliable enough to roll out. We are working on it! (When we do release -- shoot us a note and we will see what needs to happen to hook you up! :)
@neurotrophik Great to hear that progress is still being made. Also, can the 2.0 software be used on the 1.x hardware. I.E. would I see any improvement in un-Pearing and then re-pearing with the new software or does it only work with newer hardware? Also, will there be any sort of discounted upgrade program for older adopters like a hardware trade-in, etc? I know the last one is a reach. :)
@dnuzum You would notice a difference with Pear 2.0, but unfortunately, as you suspected Pear 2.0 was built for our 2.x hardware. That said, we could probably make something work for you considering that you are an early adopter -- just email info@tardisk.com :)