An app that provides haptic feedback on the bass of music.

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The concept sounds interesting, but the "Add Music" button in every single area of the app has text beneath it that says "Tapping here will result in a crash" (it does), and when you add music through the Youtube integration attempting to play those songs also results in a crash; basically there is no way to use this application.
@d_castonguay 1. Tapping here will result in a crash -> I forgot to delete this in a newer version. New update will be pushed to fix the text and it won't crash on the next update. (This was for beta testers. I have multiple versions of this) 2. Playing those songs results in a crash -> it happens sometimes. Trying it again should work. Sorry for this happening to you. I am the only one who developed this app and there are some things to fix. But overall functionalities shouldn't be affected except the one mentioned in 2.