Send canned text messages with a single tap

The TapText app is targeted for busy sales professionals who rely on texting to communicate with clients. It offers iOS users a simple way to store their frequently-sent text messages and send them to anyone with a single tap right from Apple's Messages app.

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Hi, I'm Remy de Laroque, a real estate agent and the founder of the TapText app. I use texting all the time to send my business contact info and transaction requirements to my real estate clients. TapText was born out of my frustration at having to type this information repeatedly. The app is available on the iOS App Store. Hope you'd check it out and provide your feedback. Thanks!
@remydelaroque Android please???? I need this πŸ™
@anna_0x Thanks, Anna! Yes, we will work on the Android version based on the user feedback and how well the app does on the iOS platform.
@remydelaroque hope it'll do very well!