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Ria Blagburn
@riaface · Founder, GrowBeyond
TapTag lets you take photos and leave them for your friends to find. I like the idea of visiting a place and being able to experience what other people experienced, like if they saw a beautiful sunset or just had a great day :)
Rob Cromer
@robcromer · CEO/Co-Founder of Adcade
@riaface As someone who loves geotagging, I appreciate this :)
Elia Morling
@tribaling ·
Seems like a really cool idea. The challenge may be that the aha-moment is when you find someone else's TapTag and that requires an incredible amount of users.
Keenen Charles
@keenencharles · Maker
@tribaling it is a challenge we have to solve. At the moment we're looking at delivering as much of that ah-ha as we can through the onboarding experience and friends' activity. But we're testing a lot of ideas to solve it.