Tap Titans

Tap. Tap. Tap. Upgrade. Tap. Tap. Tap

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This is one of my daily-use apps on my phone. The upgrade/reward structure sinks the hooks in along with tournaments and other cool features. What I find really interesting is how the game uses ads to make money while giving you valuable rewards.
Actually this game is a clone of another popular web game called "Clicker Heroes." I suggest playing that because the metagame is much deeper than this game.
@kohkim I wasn't aware! Very cool. I'll definitely check it out
Spent a solid week on this game — I'm a sucker for CookieClicker-type gameplay. Interesting bit: you can voluntarily open treasure chests which reveal video ads; rewards ensue. Felt strange getting so excited about watching ads!
@sirbenlee Right? It felt good to see those ads because the rewards were valuable. This is something F2P games can learn from
This game is AWESOME